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TruPrognostics for Reciprocating Compressors.

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Minimize Downtime with TruPrognostics.

Get 85% accurate predictions with Novity's industry-leading solution for reciprocating compressors.

Remaining Useful Life. Truly.

Physics-based models of valve faults in Novity’s TruPrognostics engine help Novity’s customers predict 85% of valve faults more than 24 hours before they happen.

With intuitive charts and event notifications, your team can trust the remaining useful life of your critical assets.

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Recip Compressor Sensor Points

The Right Sensors for the Right Jobs.

Targeting the fault modes that matter, Novity TruPrognostics is powered by pressure, vibration, temperature and other sensor modalities to ensure the prognoses matter to your machines.


Novity's customers consistently see 85% accurate predictions for common fault modes. 


Novity's physics-based approach enables diagnostics and RUL predictions weeks before failures occur.


Through downtime reduction alone, you'll see an ROI of less than one year.

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Easy Installation.

Using virtual sensors, TruPrognostics for Reciprocating Compressors can easily be installed while the machine is running. 

Ready for Truly Predictive Maintenance?

Reach out today for a time-limited opportunity to increase profitability and operational efficiency.