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Asset Optimization: Understanding the value of truly predictive asset optimization

  • Webinar
  • 60 mins
  • 3 April 2023

Are you curious about how to achieve truly predictive asset health management but not certain where to start? Together with our friends from IoT Analytics, Markus Larsson, Novity's Founder and CEO, and Daniel Nelson, a Ph.D and Senior PdM Scientist from Novity, hosted a webinar to help you answer this exact question.

You will learn the latest market insights on predictive maintenance and asset performance management, come away with a deeper understanding of key enablers for predictive solutions, and hear about real case studies from the field.

  • Predictive maintenance and asset performance management: Definition, market overview, and latest trends
  • Predictive v. Diagnostic Analytics
  • Is true predictability achievable?
  • Key enablers for predictive solutions
  • Case studies from the field
  • Q&A