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The Novity Critical Asset Health Check

The Novity Asset Health Check is a 30-Day program designed to provide you with a snapshot of your asset's current health condition along with a future-state health prediction (Remaining Useful Life Prognostics).

TruPrognostics uses advanced AI and Physics-Based Modeling to deliver the only truly predictive solution in the industry!

The Novity Asset Health Check is available in two options:

Option One: We'll use your data to provide you with:
  • Insights into to your asset's health information
    • Anomaly Detection, Diagnostics, and Remaining Useful Life Estimation
  • A final report on your asset's health and performance
  • A choice of one of the following asset types:
    • Vane Compressor
    • Reciprocating Compressor
    • Screw Compressor
    • Centrifugal Pump
      • Constant Speed
      • Variable Speed
    • AC Induction Motor
Option Two: (limited availability): Use of our data acquisition hardware to provide you with:
  • All of the items included in Option One - plus:
    • Installation of Novity's Data Acquisition System and Sensors (for 30-Days)

Please complete the form below to access our free Critical Asset Health Check Program!