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TruPrognostics for Industrial Fans.

Ventilation Fan RUL Screen Shot

Minimize Downtime with TruPrognostics.

Get 85% accurate predictions with Novity's industry-leading solution for Industrial Fans.

The Right Sensors for the Right Jobs

Fault modes that matter for industrial fans are often associated with bearings or motors. Novity's TruPrognostics for Industrial Fans is tailored-made for detecting these fault modes, powered by sensor data from vibration, temperature and current.

Fan Sensors


Novity's customers consistently see 85% accurate predictions for common fault modes. 


Novity's physics-based approach enables diagnostics and RUL predictions weeks before failures occur.


Through downtime reduction alone, you'll see an ROI of less than one year.

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Remaining Useful Life.

Using physics-based models of machines and fault modes, Novity's TruPrognostics is able to tell you how much time you have left until a maintenance action is needed. Detect early and predict accurately with Novity TruPrognostics.

Ready for Truly Predictive Maintenance?

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